Director of Sures held a meeting with the regional advisor of the International Organization for Migration

The director of the social organization Sures, María Lucrecia Hernández, held a meeting today with Mr. Alejandro Guido, regional advisor of the International Organization for Migration (IOM).

During the meeting the Director raised the need to address the situation of the Venezuelan people who have emigrated to other countries, since their organization has received complaints about the violation of their human rights in the countries of destination and in some cases have been subject to discrimination and practices of xenophobia.

She also emphasized the need to work on the collection of figures that make a real characterization of the people who have emigrated, since there are many cases in which the Venezuelan people also have the nationality of the countries of destination, so they can not strictly be classified as migrants.

Finally, the representative of the IOM committed to work together with the social organizations of Venezuela to guarantee the rights of migrants.

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