To whom and why does the United States impose sanctions?

The U.S. most frequent excuse in order to impose sanctions on
countries is Washington’s accusations and “concerns” about alleged
violations of human rights, absence of democracy and terrorism.
The policy of imposing unilateral coercive measures, known as
“sanctions” – devised during the First World War – violates the Charter
of the United Nations, and conceals an aggressive model of
intervention. It involves the use of coercion and pressure on the
economies of those countries that Washington deems as “foes.” It is
the repetition of the old hegemonic ambition, the new big stick of
the North American diplomacy, in a context in which the U.S. does
not control the world at its will. Beyond the rhetoric that justifies it in
the name of “democracy”, sanctions are an instrument of war,
designed to make people suffer in order to bend sovereign States.
Learn here about some of the countries affected by this perverse


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