Venezuela, Colombia establish coordination protocols through WHO - MPPRE

Venezuela, Colombia establish coordination protocols through WHO

«Today, a cordial and fruitful telephone conversation was held by Minister Carlos Alvarado and Colombia’s Health Minister Fernando Ruiz and basic points for coordination were established,» informed Sectorial Vice President of Communication, Culture and Tourism Jorge Rodríguez. The conversation was held through coordination with the World Health Organization (WHO) to enable the two nations to agree coronavirus containment measures and avoid its propagation along the 2,219 km (1,378 mi) long border. «We offered the structure we rely on to assist and attend cases of those Venezuelans who are returning to Venezuela,» said Rodríguez. Giving an assessment of the strategies implemented by the Venezuelan government to contain the pandemic, Rodríguez stressed the request to the Colombian government to allow Venezuelans to return «through the Simon Bolivar International Bridge and not through trails.» «Colombia’s health minister gave us a really good attitude. We hope this mutual coordination can become stronger,» he stressed. The Presidential Commission for the Prevention and Control of Coronavirus (COVID-19) will keep coordinating with the Colombian Health Ministry to establish necessary security protocols in order to reduce the spread of coronavirus on the border that is crossed by thousands of Venezuelans and Colombians. Presidential Press Office