Venezuela's President: '2021 was the year to consolidate political peace' - MPPRE

Venezuela’s President: ‘2021 was the year to consolidate political peace’

“2021 was the year to consolidate political peace,” said Venezuela’s President Nicolás Maduro in his Annual Address to the Nation, in the company of the top representatives of the country’s branches of government, the Diplomatic Corps to Venezuela, his cabinet, mayors and governors.

The Venezuelan president said that this period marked by great achievements was “a year of great awareness of the battles each one fought for our country in their territories and trenches.”

Maduro pointed out that these achievements were made” because each one made it possible from the posts and responsibilities they took on.”

“One year ago, we said to this National Assembly that it was the year to consolidate political peace, national dialogue, domestic stability and Venezuela’s branches of government and institutions, and to overcome hardships,” said the Venezuelan president.

In this context, the head of State explained it has been a long path to extol politics. “It was a great year to defeat the prolonged, permanent conspiracy that has tried a destabilizing duality of power.”

President Maduro reaffirmed that in 2021 “a duality of power was planned in the North to destroy the development of democracy, branches of government and its institutions.”

“It was planned in the North, and it was executed in Colombia, from where they tried to impose it. The Colombian drug trafficking oligarchy tried to imposed a parallel president, a parallel National Assembly, a parallel Attorney General’s Office, a parallel Supreme Court,” he explained.

Nevertheless, President Maduro pointed out that “with the Constitution’s power, 2021 was the year to definitely and crushingly defeat the plan of parallel powers that tried to destroy the Venezuelan State from abroad.”

Also, President Maduro said Venezuela managed to “completely disarticulate this plan through different measures. We tore it piece by piece. We put things in their proper place. Piece by piece, we tore everything Colombia tried to impose by encouraging and supporting the U.S. empire.”