President Maduro: 'New battles and victories are coming in 2022' - MPPRE

President Maduro: ‘New battles and victories are coming in 2022’

President Nicolás Maduro recognized the effort and sacrifice made by all the soldiers of the National Bolivarian Armed Force (FANB) that ensure the victory of the country’s peace, stability and domestic security.

“I feel a great admiration for the discipline, values and morale of the National Bolivarian Armed Force. every day I learn from that morale, experience and conscience,” he expressed at a New Year’s Eve Salutation Event.

The Venezuelan president urged the FANB soldiers to be proud of the achievements in 2021, and called on them to keep their guard up in the face of the constant imperial attacks against the country.

“2022! Let’s not let our guard down! Let’s have our soldiers as permanent sentinels to watch over the military unity, the community and our people. We should be proud that we’re part of that history, the great history of a united, patriotic, socialist Venezuela. New battles and victories are coming in 2022,” said the Venezuelan president.

Likewise, President Maduro praised the work of the High Military Command, officers and the Bolivarian Military Academy to strengthen discipline, revolutionary moral and leadership within the FANB.

“Our military academies stand out for their academic ability, leadership, morale, pedagogy. They are the cradle where military leaders and the future military force are forged every year,” he stressed.

In this regard, he urged the Venezuelan people to strengthen the civic-military unity. “Every day, we have to get closer as people to the Armed Force. We need to seize this historical time opened 30 years ago by our Commander, Hugo Chávez, so that the reencounter between Bolívar’s military force and the people took place,” urged the Venezuelan president.