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ALBA-TCP puts economic issues at the center of its actions

“If we are able to put the economic, monetary, financial, productive issues at the center of our actions, I’m certain that this new age will also find ALBA-TCP at the forefront of the revolutionary changes our peoples aim for,” stressed Venezuela’s President Nicolás Maduro.

At a political, cultural event on the occasion of the 20th Summit of the ALBA-TCP, the Venezuelan president said that the regional bloc is going through a special moment when it is necessary to place emphasis on economic issues.”

Maduro said that such an emphasis depends on speeding up the pace of fundamental economic issues.

“If we point in an economic direction to produce food, medicines, good and services, if we resume the ALBA-TCP Monetary Council and incorporate cryptocurrencies, if we are able to re-engineer and expand the capabilities of the Bank of ALBA, we have it all there, the economic, financial architecture,” explained President Maduro.

Also, the Venezuelan president pointed out that “only together we can fulfill the dream of development, stability and real welfare of our peoples.”

Innovation Capacity

President Maduro extoled the ALBA-TCP innovation capacity and capability to “create and navigate through different circumstances, and take actions to impact the life of our people.”

“Fidel and Chávez were two geniuses when they envisioned the development of the health, education and energy programs,” recalled the Venezuelan president, who highlighted the scope of the 20th ALBA-TCP Summit, where a high-level debate was opened.

“The debate we had today, and the assessment we undertook, poses great challenges from now on. We have managed to build a plan covering all the dimensions of development in our countries. And we have consolidated our premise of unity and integration in the social, cultural, political, geopolitical, economic and financial areas, and put an emphasis on the harmonic, steady work we have done concerning the ALBA-TCP projects.”

President Maduro insisted that the financial architecture has been built, but “we’re facing challenges.”

The united regional bloc “has been able to take actions in these last 17 years amid the challenges we are facing in this new age, more complex challenges, but I really think that we are ready, dear presidents, prime ministers, heads of delegations and special guests.”

President Maduro ratified the conditions and capacity of the Alliance.

“ALBA-TCP has the political strength, knowledge and experience, and places its portfolio of decisions here, next to the daily anguish of our countries, next to the battle plan against imperial conspiracies,” explained the Venezuelan president.

President Maduro warned that imperial conspiracies are not to be underestimated. “Has the United States changed? It will take long for the U.S. youth and people to be listened to and produce the real, deep changes in their vision of society and the world.”

They “still see us as their backyard […] They impose the Monroe Doctrine on the decisions on Nicaragua, Cuba, Venezuela, Latin America and the Caribbean,” stressed President Maduro.