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President Maduro: They couldn’t prevent the human wave of change in Honduras

The president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro Moros, emphasized that despite the attempts to destabilize the presidential elections in Honduras, held on November 28, they could not prevent the human wave of change that is being experienced in the Central American country.

“Whatever the factors who led to the coup d’état -during the presidency of Manuel Zelaya- did, they could not avoid the human wave of change and transformation that arose with the united forces of the Honduran people, with their leader -Xiomara Castro-“, He expressed.

Maduro congratulated the resistance of the Honduran people, who were subjected for more than 12 years to policies far removed from the needs of the nation and who now, brought democracy again in the last elections.

“The people of Honduras voted for their leader, by their own path, with their own personality, their project (…), impeccable popular victory of President Xiomara Castro, my salute to the people of Honduras”.

Along these lines, he ratified his support and love for the Honduran people.

“You can count on our full support from the Bolivarian heart. I love the people of Honduras and I know the love of the people of Honduras for Venezuela, I know”, he said.

During the closing of the World Congress of the Peoples for Peace, the President stressed that the union of the Latin American peoples is the option for the construction and development of a prosperous future.

“In a Latin American union we will find the ways to develop a new prosperity, a new future, a new America”, he said.

In context, according to the latest update of the results issued by the National Electoral Council (CNE) of Honduras, with the computation of 80.66 percent of the records, Xiomara Castro, nominated by the Libertad y Refundación (Libre) party, received 1,409. 689 votes, 50.63 percent. This is stated by the web portal of the international news channel, TeleSur.