President Maduro denounces espionage of the EU in elections of 21N - MPPRE

President Maduro denounces espionage of the EU in elections of 21N

When offering a balance of the mega-elections of November 21, the president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, denounced that the delegation of overseers of the European Union (EU) sought to “stain and alter the electoral and democratic system of Venezuela”.

During the working day dedicated to the balance of the fight against COVID-19, he pointed out that “the spy delegation of the European Union did not find elements to criticize the electoral system (…) These were not international observers, they were deployed in the country, freely, spying on social, economic and political life”.

In this sense, the national leader pointed out that “what we saw of the European Union had never been seen in 22 years with other delegations”.

He ruled that the delegation of Spain was looking for elements “to enlarge them and try to stain Venezuela but the European Union could not”.

In context, the Head of State described “as a tremendous electoral victory for Venezuelans, a tremendous civic celebration of peace, coexistence, sovereign and citizen power of the voters. We have a world record in the 29 elections that have been held”.

He indicated that Venezuela has had enough reasons to postpone or lengthen the electoral schedule due to the imperialist aggressions of recent years, “because they wanted to lead us to a civil war and in the face of the aggressions we responded with elections”.

He assured that there are “false criticisms that point out that there is a dictatorship in Venezuela (…) It is a way of validating the discourse of the right wing, which accuses our Bolivarian Revolution of dictatorship”.

In Venezuela, compliance and respect for popular power is guaranteed. “What we have here is popular power under construction, motivated, activated, made visible, as well as an impeccable, perfect electoral agenda”.