Venezuela's, Botswana's foreign ministers hold bilateral meeting in New York - MPPRE

Venezuela’s, Botswana’s foreign ministers hold bilateral meeting in New York

On Monday, Venezuela’s and Botswana’s foreign ministers, Félix Plasencia and Lemogang Kwape, held a bilateral meeting in the city of New York prior to the 76th UN General Assembly.

At the meeting, the foreign ministers discussed the good relations between their countries and agreed on increasing cooperation in the education, energy and mining areas.

“We also stress the importance of resuming integration efforts between South America and the African continent through the ASA Summit promoted by Commander Hugo Chávez Frías,” posted the Venezuelan foreign minister on his Twitter account @PlasenciaFelix.

Currently, Venezuela maintains diplomatic relations with all the African countries recognized by the African Union, and has set up 17 missions throughout the continent.