Vice-minister Capaya Rodríguez meets with Jordanian delegates of the Arab Anti-imperialist Workers' Platform - MPPRE

Vice-minister Capaya Rodríguez meets with Jordanian delegates of the Arab Anti-imperialist Workers’ Platform

The Vice-minister for Asia, the Middle East and Oceania of the People’s Power Ministry for Foreign Relations, Capaya Rodríguez, held on Monday a meeting with a delegation from the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, made up of Issam Azmi, together with the leaders Abdelaziz Alkhawaja and Emad Yasseen, all belonging to the Arab Anti-imperialist Workers’ Platform and who participated in the Bicentennial Congress of the Peoples of the World. In addition, the Venezuelan leader of the government party, Nelson Herrera, accompanied the meeting.

The visiting delegation highlighted the support they constantly receive from the Diplomatic Mission of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in their country for the organization of the working class, reaffirming their struggle against Zionism and imperialism, as an expression of the evils that plague humanity.

They also affirmed that they feel identified and committed to the ideas and projects of struggles promoted by the Worker President, Nicolás Maduro Moros.

The leader of the Psuv, Nelson Herrera, member of the anti-imperialist workers’ platform, Venezuela chapter, thanked the Vice-minister’s Office for Asia, Middle East and Oceania for giving a new impetus to their activities, and reiterated the valuable support that the political and operative contributions from this space of the Foreign Ministry have meant.

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Vice-minister Capaya Rodríguez greeted the presence of the Jordanian delegation, emphasizing that it was an honor to receive them, as men committed to the struggle of the Arab peoples and the world in general, always reflecting their solidarity with the Venezuelan people in the most difficult moments.

Similarly, the diplomat said that:

“Venezuelans are anti-imperialists by nature, we fight for justice and truth; true revolutionaries, born in a free and sovereign people: the people of Bolívar. We have also the teachings and the legacy of our commander Hugo Chavez Frías and the strategies of our leader, President Nicolás Maduro Moros”.

She claimed the significant value of the historical events of the Battle of Carabobo, 200 years ago, which were decisive for the triumph over the Spanish empire.

The meeting culminated with the commitment to continue consolidating unity, perseverance and strength, with the willingness of the Bolivarian Government to work for world peace, supporting the peoples in their struggle to defend their sovereignty and self-determination.