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Venezuela’s President says sanctions are a failed mechanism

Illegal sanctions against Venezuela “are a failed mechanism,” stressed President Nicolás Maduro, who pointed out that they were applied for a regime change, but “they didn’t achieve it, nor are they going to achieve it.”

“All the sanctions, in an extremist and irrational manner, were applied by the Trump government against Venezuela, for a change of regime, and they didn’t achieve it,” said Maduro in an interview with U.S. news agency Bloomberg.

In the face of the failure of these sanctions imposed by the U.S. Government, he pointed out that “they should be recognized as illegal, irrational, extremist, cruel, and they should be lifted.”

“Sanctions are immoral. They very cruel for a country. At a round-table of conversation, even if it’s private, the United States of America, the Biden administration, should accept it as such,” he stressed.

The Venezuelan president rejected the persecution against sovereign nations and the pretension by some agents to impose their political, economic will to the detriment of these nations’ self-determination.

“If that was established, it would simply be the end of the United Nations system. The end of the international law. The United States must recognize that a multi-polar world exists. And furthermore, it must recognize that what they are doing with Venezuela is a brutality, only comparable to the Vietnam War,” added Maduro.

In this regard, he underlined that “Venezuela has the right to freedom to produce oil, to sell it, to obtain profits and maintain the life of the people.”

“I have the faith that someday that message is going to arrive, and it’s going to produce the changes that we need for a better world, a more human world. A world of respect,” he added.

Venezuela-U.S. talks

When asked about the possibility of starting negotiations with Joe Biden’s administration, President Nicolás Maduro said it can be possible “if there is a normalization of the communication channels.”

“Through communication and a process of negotiation to regularize the relations between the two countries. In terms of win-win,” he said.