Over 84% of the Venezuelan population rejects U.S. blockade against Venezuela - MPPRE

Over 84% of the Venezuelan population rejects U.S. blockade against Venezuela

More than 84% of the Venezuelan population rejects all the criminal, cruel sanctions, the blockade, and the economic and commercial persecution imposed by Washington against Venezuela, highlighted President Nicolás Maduro in an exclusive interview with U.S. news agency Bloomberg on Friday, June 18.

“We faced four years of the Trump administration, four years of direct aggression, of very cruel sanctions, and of damage to the Venezuelan economy and society. The politics that Donald Trump installed and left as a legacy against Venezuela are extremist, irrational politics that caused a complete rupture between the United States and Venezuela,” stressed the Venezuelan president.

In that vein, Maduro said that the White House’s attacks against Venezuela have been questioned by human rights organizations at the United Nations “as policies that have seriously violated the human rights of the Venezuelan population.”

In February 2021, UN Rapporteur on Human Rights Alena Douhan recognized that the unilateral coercive measures imposed by the United States and the European Union against Venezuela have had devastating effects on the country’s food, health and education.

“The standard of living of Venezuelans has been significantly crippled by unilateral coercive sanctions,” said Alena Douhan at a press conference to present the preliminary evaluation of her visit to Venezuela to evaluate the effects of the blockade imposed by Washington against the South American country.

When asked by Bloomberg’s journalist Erik Schatzker about this issue, President Maduro was adamant and said that Donald Trump’s legacy can’t constitute a legacy that should continue, and stressed that his U.S. counterpart, Joe Biden, said in his first speech, on January 20th, that they don’t have to demonize anybody in politics.

“I would say to President Joe Biden to stop, from the White House, from the Department of the State, the demonization of Venezuela and the Bolivarian Revolution. Hopefully, we can find paths of proximity, respect and mutual benefit, and paths that allow us to regularize relations between the United States and Venezuela,” said the Venezuelan president.