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Venezuela includes refugees in vaccination day against COVID-19

The National Commission for Refugees (Conare), through its office in Guasdualito, Apure state, in coordination with the Government, the Mayor of the José María Romero Municipality and the People’s Power Ministry for Health, carried out a vaccination day against COVID-19 for older adults, where the inclusion of several refugee applicants of Colombian and Mexican nationality who live in Venezuela was achieved.

The deployment of immunization against COVID-19 in prioritized sectors such as health, education and the elderly, is possible thanks to the cooperation of the Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China. In that sense, a Colombian refugee expressed her gratitude to the Bolivarian Government: “I thank the Venezuelan people, especially the Conare office, for taking me into account for the vaccination against COVID-19 (…) The truth is I feel very fortunate for the support that Venezuela has given me”, she said.

Guasdualito begins immunization day for older adults

Likewise, complying with the national guidelines in the Guasdualito parish of the José Antonio Paez Municipality, the second phase of vaccination against COVID-19, aimed at the elderly living in this town, began.

This is how to date, more than 5 thousand people have been immunized, including adults over 60 years old, some of them with underlying diseases or different pathologies in the Apure municipality.

It should be noted that “in the vaccination process there was no discrimination whatsoever due to political or religious differences”. This was announced by the Government Commissioner in Apure, Luis Toloso on his social networks.

The day was carried out thanks to the organization and work of the regional government through Commissioner Luis Tolosa and his work team.

Venezuela’s commitment to refugees

The Venezuelan State created the National Commission for Refugees in 2000 and with this, the legal platform of refuge in Venezuela was built through the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela of 1999, in its Article 69, and the Organic Law on Refugees and Asylees (Lorra), in its Chapter IV on the Rights and Obligations of Refugees, Article 22, which stipulate that: “Refugees shall enjoy, in the territory of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, the same rights of foreigners with the limitations established in the Constitution and other laws of the Republic”.

This is how the Venezuelan State guarantees the right to health of every person who enters this territory. The Commission is in charge of ensuring the fundamental rights of both applicants and refugees in Venezuela.