Vice-minister Capaya Rodríguez addresses the commercial and investment agenda with the president of Bancoex - MPPRE

Vice-minister Capaya Rodríguez addresses the commercial and investment agenda with the president of Bancoex

This Tuesday, the Vice-minister for Asia, the Middle East and Oceania, Capaya Rodríguez González, met again with the president of the Foreign Trade Bank (Bancoex), Guillermo Lara Toro, and his work team, in order to address specific issues of the commercial and investment agenda with the nations within the field of ​​competence of that Office, complying with instructions given in this regard by the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro Moros.

In this sense, and as a follow-up to the meeting held online on May 26, it was first agreed to submit into consideration of the Executive Vice-president and People’s Power Minister for Economy, Finance and Foreign Trade, Delcy Rodríguez Gómez, Venezuela’s participation in the upcoming 62nd Damascus International Fair, to be held in the Syrian capital between August 25 and September 3, 2021, an initiative that will be presented to a group of businessmen from various productive sectors who have shown great interest to be part of the national stand at the aforementioned event.

Viceministra Capaya Rodríguez se reúne con presidente de Bancoex para fortalecer políticas comerciales internacionales

In this subject, the participation of the Head of the Venezuelan Diplomatic Representation in the Syrian Arab Republic, Ambassador José Gregorio Biomorgi, in the meeting was relevant since he, like Vice-minister Capaya Rodríguez, offered all the support required by the national delegation that will travel to the city of Damascus in order to achieve success in its trade mission.

Subsequently, they reviewed the plan of immediate actions that contribute to the national objective, included in the Plan de la Patria 2019-2025, of approaching Venezuela to some regional organizations considered of particular importance, as is the case of the Association of Nations of the Southeast Asia (Asean), establishing joint strategies with Bancoex in this regard.

Both parties concluded the meeting by reiterating the commitment to continue developing a work in close coordination in order to achieve the goals that promote the economic progress of Venezuela through international trade and investment.