Sacha Llorenti: 'Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua represent a model for humanity in the defense of democracy' - MPPRE

Sacha Llorenti: ‘Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua represent a model for humanity in the defense of democracy’

The Executive Secretary of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America-People’s Trade Treaty (ALBA-TCP), Sacha Llorenti, said Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua are vivid examples of what the Bolivarian principles stand for.

In this regard, Llorenti highlighted Cuba’s and Venezuela’s solidarity with brother countries facing needs despite the 243 unilateral coercive measures these two countries have been imposed.

In the case of Venezuela, he stressed the shipment of oxygen it sent to the Federative Republic of Brazil, while Cuba sent health professionals to different countries of the world to help face the COVID-19 pandemic.

“These countries are vivid examples of the Bolivarian principles that run through the veins of the Alliance (…) ALBA is showing with facts that other type of integration is possible,” he added.

Regarding relations with other countries beyond the region, the ALBA-TCP executive secretary said that the regional integration bloc maintains constant relations with different nations, including the Russian Federation, the People’s Republic of China, the Republic of Turkey, the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Republic of India, among others.

“It’s imperative that we join efforts, not only because of principles, but because threats are no global (…) the pandemic made us learn that we are united and that you cannot, or shouldn’t, save yourself on your own,” he stated.

In this regard, he regretted that the United Nations, as the body in charge of uniting the world, is going through “a crisis as a result of the imperial logic of trying to solve all issues through unilateralism in such a diverse world.”

Regarding the recent Mexican elections, Llorenti said that “the fact that Mexico is looking South is very important to everyone (…) I want to highlight the actions taken by President Andrés López Obrador to rescue of Evo Morales after the coup. That decision itself helped Bolivia recover its democracy months later.”

On the other hand, he said that the alliance between Argentina and Mexico represents the construction of an internal network through which Latin America and the Caribbean will be able to solve their problems on their own, without the meddling of bodies such as the OAS.

Llorenti explained that capitalism and neoliberalism have always tried to destroy cooperation, solidarity-based organizations so that those organizations favoring their interests, such as the OAS, can prevail.

“The OAS is the spearhead of the application of the Monroe Doctrine, which tries to turn Latin America and the Caribbean into the backyard and subordinates of the United States to take over their natural resources and make Latin America a market for its products, to have cheap workforce,” said Llorenti.

The ALBA-TCP executive secretary explained that the union between Argentina and Mexico is an example that Latin America is far away from becoming the backyard of some country. In this regard, he stressed that Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua are models for humanity in the defense of democracy, sovereignty and independence.

Llorenti condemned that “the United States and the OAS have used the pandemic as a weapon of mass destruction against the people of these countries. They believed that the pandemic was going to make the health system in these countries collapse, but they have had the best management of the pandemic.”

Executive Secretary Sacha Llorenti is certain that in these difficult times for humanity, ALBA is “writing the most wonderful history of solidarity thanks to its leaders and the will of their peoples.”