Bolivarian Government guarantees protection of its entire population against the criminal imperial blockade - MPPRE

Bolivarian Government guarantees protection of its entire population against the criminal imperial blockade

The Executive Vice-president of the Republic, Delcy Rodríguez, assured this Thursday that the Bolivarian Government of President Nicolás Maduro guarantees the protection of the people and especially the most vulnerable sectors, in the face of the impact of unilateral coercive measures and the criminal economic war imposed by the United States.

This statement was made during her speech at the closing ceremony of the conference called Unilateral coercive measures: disrespect for international law and serious human consequences.

“One of the fiercest blockade against Venezuela, which has been absolutely excluded from the international financial system, has been concentrated. The blockades come, in a neocolonial industry, to plunder the financial resources that belong to the peoples”, affirmed Rodríguez.

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In addition, she indicated that the year 2020 was the year of the greatest resurgence of sanctions, precisely in the middle of the pandemic, to cause greater damage to the Venezuelan population.

“It is a criminal action by the supremacist government of Donald Trump, in the worst moment that humanity was living, it sought to suffocate Venezuela even more, making our income to decrese from 65 billion dollars a year to 740 million dollars”, she explained.

Rodríguez explained the new dimension of economic war: “There is no economic peace, there is an economic disturbance derived from this hecatomb that the economic, financial and commercial blockade means”.

Vice-president Rodríguez suggested the activation of mechanisms of reparation and compensation for the victims of the blockade, and urged them to come together to bring their voices to the countries that are not aligned with the hegemonic, aggressive and savage power policies.

“The schools of international study should be called upon to activate themselves with researches on these blockades, with a very clear statement, because they hinder the future, all the free rights and self-determination of the peoples who are victims of the blockade”, she added.