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Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza: Today Venezuela has political and health stability

The Foreign Minister of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Jorge Arreaza, during an interview with Brazilian deputy Paulo Pimenta this Friday, assured that the South American nation currently has political and health stability.

Through a videoconference, the People’s Power Minister for Foreign Relations assured that the current condition of Venezuela is totally different from that of two years ago when there was a threat of invasion by the United States and the possibility of a coup.

“Today the situation is very different. The situation in Chile has been much more difficult with the protests; the governance situation. Much more difficult is in Colombia, where dozens of people have died as a result of State repression”, he said.

Canciller Arreaza sostiene encuentro con representantes del Movimiento Sin Tierra de Brasil

The Venezuelan diplomat stressed that Venezuela is today a stable country:

“I would say that the Copa América should be played here in Venezuela; the COVID-19 is very very low, the political stability very very high and the people calm. If a country could play the Copa América today with health, public order and political stability, it is in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela”, he added.

Regarding unilateral coercive measures, the Minister of Foreign Relations indicated that Venezuelan interests not only suffer a blockade, but are also victims of persecution.

He reiterated that the Venezuelan State cannot carry out commercial transactions with any company that has interests in the United States because it is sanctioned; “It is not just a blockade, it is a persecution of the interests of Venezuela”.

He stressed that effectively the Joe Biden administration has not applied more coercive measures against the Bolivarian nation, but neither has it made them more flexible; “All these measures are in effect at the moment and they do us the same harm”.

The Foreign Minister ratified that the intention of the Bolivarian Government has been to dialogue, provided that it is framed in respect and peace.

On the other hand, he stressed that despite how difficult it has been to import the inputs necessary for food production, the Bolivarian Government has managed, through alliances with private producers, to advance in this sector in the last four years, even achieving that each Venezuelan family receives regularly a box of food at the door of their home.

Minister Arreaza thanked the solidarity of the people of Brazil, especially the militants of the Workers’ Party, for the permanent expressions of support and brotherhood towards Venezuela. At the same time, he expressed the desire that socialist and popular policies return to the Federative Republic of Brazil at the hands of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.