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Venezuela proposes the creation of a network of arts, knowledge and heritage of the south

Within the framework of the XVI World Africa Week and the VII Cultural Festival with the Peoples of Africa in Venezuela, the National Experimental University of the Arts (Unearte) developed this Friday the international forum Venezuela and Africa, art, culture and identity. Being and knowledge for integration.

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The telematic meeting, headed by the rector of Unearte, Tibisay Lucena, served for Venezuela to raise, before the representatives of the universities, faculties and arts centers of Namibia, Tunisia, Cuba, Barbados and Massachusetts, the creation of a work network to share knowledge, in tune with the production of Afro-Venezuelan art and that of mother Africa.

“We come together to strengthen ourselves, to share what everyone of us has in our own universities. This network is formed by the principles of the arts, knowledge and heritage of the South, and we all agreed with great enthusiasm to meet again and keep meeting each other”, rector Lucena commented.

Likewise, she explained that the objectives and activities will soon include the meeting of teachers (researchers) who have developed investigations related to decolonization, resistance and artistic creation.

In addition to a telematic meeting between artists and cultists in the different areasthere will be another between students so that they too can share their different visions.

“We are in search of common creation and research projects to share and, of course, we also want to relate to the Afro networks existing in other parts of the world, in other parts of our America and even in Africa itself”, she added.

During the meeting, which was also attended by the founder and president of the Knowledge Center, Reinaldo Bolívar, the rector of Unearte reiterated that the network’s proposal is an act of love, freedom, solidarity and response.

“Together we are strengthened, together we are in resistance and together we know that we are creating a better, more just world, outside of that yoke that has been imperialism, domination and colonization, which has brought nothing but devastation to the whole world”.

Reunión Arte, cultura e identidad. Ser y saber para la integración. UNEARTE, Barbados, Cuba, Estados Unidos, Namibia y Túnez