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Delcy Rodríguez: Inequality is the wrong way to face COVID-19

The Executive Vice-president of the Republic, Delcy Rodríguez during her participation in the VII Ibero-American Meeting of Ministers of Finance and Economy, held through a videoconference, denounced that inequality is the wrong way to address the Coronavirus pandemic, this when referring to the difference and inequity existing in the world regarding the access to vaccines.

During her speech, Rodríguez pointed out that this has occurred “because the world, mainly neoliberal capitalist, has been suffering of poverty, as well as unequal access to health systems, economic and social development, but inequality in managing the pandemic is the worst path humanity can take”.

She recalled that the Director General of the World Health Organization (WHO) Dr. Tedros Adhanom, last Monday, May 24 of this year, gave a very alarming figure, reporting that 76% of the vaccines distributed in the world are concentrated in only 10 countries.

The Minister of Economy, Finance and Foreign Trade, indicated that this issue is the core of the meeting, where the different multilateral financing systems, mechanisms and actions were considered to see how to jointly address the pandemic.

Likewise, she affirmed that this Ibero-American space, its summit and the meeting of finance ministers is “encouraging because we have heard reflections such as the inability of the health systems of countries in our region to deal with the COVID crisis. 19”, before this she stressed that fortunately in Venezuela the access to Public Health System is universal and free.

“Our health system is the very backbone of the care against COVID-19, but we need better quality in international cooperation and that is what this meeting is calling, as finance ministers, as economy minister. We must see which are the best mechanisms to access financing”, stated the Vice-president.