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XVI World Africa Week in Venezuela begins with photographic exhibition

From the Bolivian Museum, located in the administrative headquarters of the National Assembly in Caracas, the Foreign Minister of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Jorge Arreaza, along with the Vice-minister for Africa of the People’s Power Ministry for Foreign Relations, Yuri Pimentel; the ambassador of the Popular and Democratic Algerian Republic accredited in Venezuela, Gaouthi Benmoussat, and other personalities of the Diplomatic Corps accredited in the country, inaugurated the photographic exhibition Africa and Venezuela: Dance and Sing for Unity.

During his speech, the Algerian ambassador highlighted the importance and significance of simultaneously celebrating the XVI World Africa Week in Venezuela and the VII Cultural Festival with the Peoples of Africa, as well as the rapprochement with the African continent that highlights the main axis of Venezuelan foreign policy.

Venezuela celebrará XVI Semana Mundial de África desde el próximo 25 de mayo

“Indeed, this is the meaning of this important celebration for Venezuela, to show that relations with African countries is a fundamental option of its Government”.

Similarly, he pointed out that the activities serve to remind both peoples about their roots and common cultural heritage. “These celebrations, exhibitions, book fairs or film screenings, lead us to talk about the scope of these events in the present and in the future of relations between the African continent and Venezuela”.

On that point, he added that this was the intention, to create effective solidarity between the two continents that have suffered occupation and colonization. “It is about promoting this solidarity of mutual aid to fight together against economic underdevelopment and all forms of aggression to which our continents are subjected”.

Specifically, the Algerian Ambassador alluded to the negative effects of unilateral coercive measures in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Africa and South America united

Along the same lines, Foreign Minister Arreaza reflected that despite not being currently recognized as “powers” in the geopolitical sense of the word, “we would be the greatest of the powers if we decided to be, to be free, independent and united”.

The Minister of Foreign Relations assured that if Africa and Latin America unite, they would be the greatest power that humanity has known, not only because of their natural resources, but also because of their capacity, talent and human creativity. “Let’s think that Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean could have a common economic zone”.

He also expressed admiration for the African Union (AU) process, comparing it with the Latin American and Caribbean integration process that took place years ago in the region, and which was slowed down by the actions of US imperialism and its actors.

Africa the mother of humanity

In another vein, the Venezuelan diplomat recalled that Commander Hugo Chávez was the one who taught that Africa was our mother, “he clearly established the original character of Africa for our peoples and at the same time he did so with the Caribbean”.

“Precisely this celebration, both of the week and the festival, did not stop with the pandemic. We could not sacrifice something so important for Venezuelan diplomacy and culture such as paying tribute to the peoples of Africa”.

He specified that this year the methods were adapted, so that the Festival will feature the screening of more than 100 videos of various cultural expressions sent –most of them- from Africa and the Caribbean. “It will be one more opportunity for rapprochement”, he added.

Inauguración exposición fotográfica “Relaciones culturales entre Africa y Venezuela”: