Vice-minister Pimentel: The XVI World Africa Week is a space for integration and peace in the face of imperialism - MPPRE

Vice-minister Pimentel: The XVI World Africa Week is a space for integration and peace in the face of imperialism

During the 16th edition of the World Africa Week and the 7th of the Cultural Festival with the people of Africa, which will be held from May 25 to 30, about 100 videos from all over the world will be broadcast, as well as international forums and videoconferences on Venezuela and Africa, culture, identity and resistance from the South.

Venezuela celebrará XVI Semana Mundial de África desde el próximo 25 de mayo

This was reported by Yuri Pimentel, Vice-minister for Africa of the People’s Power Ministry for Foreign Relations, during an interview -via telematics- in the program Morning Cofee of Venezolana de Televisión, in which he indicated that the event will begin with an exhibition to the African diplomatic corps accredited in Caracas from the Bolivian Museum, located in the National Assembly.

He stressed that the Experimental University of the Arts (Unearte), together with other academic institutions from Tunisia, Namibia and Barbados will carry out joint activities. Similarly, he mentioned that the Heritage Group is considering an activity on the drum and historical relations with Africa.

The Vice-minister for Africa commented that the activities will begin with the “Afro-descendant” chapter of the Bicentennial People’s Congress, while the International Anti-imperialist, Afro-descendant and African Summit is preparing a forum on Cultural resistance in Cape Verde.

He said that there will be “Afro-descendant artists, cultivators and organizations, but also African diplomatic representation in Venezuela”, adding that the researcher and diplomat Reinaldo Bolívar, from the Center for African Knowledge of Venezuela, will participate through a radio program.

During the interview, Vice-minister Pimentel assured that the activities -which will be broadcast on various digital platforms and with simultaneous translations in several languages ​- are nothing more than “the culture of integration and peace in the face of imperialism and to learn about our sister Africa”.

South-South cooperation

Likewise, the Vice-minister made a comprehensive account of the South American-African summits, in which he rescued the original proposals of Commander Hugo Chávez to create the Bank of the South, the University of the Southern Peoples, Radio of the South and teleSUR These last two have already taken place at least in Latin America.

“The unity of the continents is fundamental, only together will we be free and we are aware of that”, he pointed out, also mentioning the historical ties between Venezuela and Africa, and the importance of South-South Cooperation not only in the cultural sphere, but in commercial and economic matters for the benefit of both people and against imperialism.

The diplomat highlighted the ties of friendship and cooperation that Venezuela has forged with the African continent in recent decades, thanks to the drive and vision of Commander Hugo Chávez and, more recently, President Nicolás Maduro.