Venezuela to celebrate 16th Africa Week starting May 25 - MPPRE

Venezuela to celebrate 16th Africa Week starting May 25

With the participation of Afrodescendant organizations and the African Diplomatic Corps to Caracas, the 16th Africa Week and the 7th Cultural Festival of African Peoples  will be celebrated from May 25 to 30 in Venezuela  as the key events  to honor the African heritage in the country and contribute to relations of peace and solidarity.

On this occasion, the two events will be held simultaneously under formats adapted  to the current COVID-19  pandemic.

The starting date of this celebrations coincide with the Africa Day and the creation of the Organization of African Unity (OAU), today the African Union (AU).

The schedule will start with the «Afrodescendant Chapter» of the Bicentenary Congress of Peoples, on Monday and Tuesday.

Then, a virtual photo exhibition will be held to show a visual tour of cultural relations between Africa and Venezuela.

Also, academic institutions such as the Experimental University of Arts (UNEARTE) and Venezuela’s Afrodescendant movements will hold video conferences and fora on South-South territories and resistance.

Likewise, the cultural musical ensemble Grupo Herencia will hold an activity about drums and the historical ties with Africa, and the African, Afrodescendant Anti-imperialist International Summit  will hold a forum on Cape Verde’s cultural resistance.

In addition, African films will be broadcast by public and alternative media.

On May 26 and 27, the Cultural Festival of African Peoples will stream from the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry’s and Culture Ministry’s social media. 18 African and 5 Caribbean countries will participate in this event.

Currently, Venezuela maintains diplomatic relations with the 55 African countries recognized by the African Union, and has established 17 diplomatic missions in the African continent.

Venezuela is also the third Latin American country with the largest presence in Africa after Cuba and Brazil.