ALBA-TCP Executive Secretary calls for end of violence in Colombia, Palestine - MPPRE

ALBA-TCP Executive Secretary calls for end of violence in Colombia, Palestine

On Monday’s Telesur TV program Conexión Global (Global Connection), the Executive Secretary of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America (ALBA-TCP), Sacha Llorenti, expressed his concern about the violence unleashed in Colombia since April 28 and the excessive use of force of Colombian security agents.

In the interview, Llorenti pointed out that, in accordance with the principles of the UN Charter and International Right, the ALBA member countries issued a statement to strongly condemn violence and urge to meet demands through dialogue and negotiation.

«The statement reads that the use of violence does not solve the structural causes of situations of social injustice,» said Llorenti, who also condemned the use of the same script accusing countries such as Venezuela and Cuba of being responsible for protests as an attempt to «divert the attention from what is really happening and ignore the structural causes of a neoliberal policy fueled by US military bases  in Colombia.»

Regarding the suspension of talks between Iván Duque’s Government and the National Strike Committee (CNP in Spanish), the ALBA-TCP executive secretary said that the only way out to solve this situation is dialogue and negotiation, «addressing the structural causes and ensuring the right to life. »

Application of colonialist logic in the 21st century

«We are witnessing a disastrous chapter of aggression against the Palestinian people and the failure of the international community, international right and the United Nations, » stressed Llorenti when asked about the escalation of violence against Palestine by Israeli forces.

Llorenti highlighted we should not talk about an «Israeli-Palestinian Conflict» as there is no conflict, war or an Israeli defense policy, but a systematic application of colonization, expulsion of Palestinians from their territory, and a systematic, generalized violation of International Right. »

«We are talking about the application of a colonialist logic in the 21st century, supported by the world’s biggest military power known by humankind, » he said in reference to the United States.

Likewise, he urged the international community to enforce the countless resolutions of the UN Security Council on an independent, sovereign Palestinian State with pre-1967 international borders and East Jerusalem as its capital city.

«May the United Nations assume its responsibility. This is a new chapter in the long history of abuses against Palestine, » said the ALBA-TCP executive secretary.