Venezuela, Russia launch 21st century’s first direct Caracas-Moscow-Caracas flight - MPPRE

Venezuela, Russia launch 21st century’s first direct Caracas-Moscow-Caracas flight

This Caracas-Moscow-Caracas inaugural flight by Venezuela’s airline Conviasa marks a historical milestone, a new success amid sanctions, the pandemic and other hardships, said the Minister of People’s Power for Tourism and Foreign Trade, Alí Padrón.

«This flight represents a strategic importance for the two countries as it will increase the level of cargo and boost tourism, cooperation and brotherhood between Venezuela and Russia, » stressed Minister Padrón in a press conference held upon the arrival of Conviasa’s Airbus 340 in Moscow, where he expressed his country’s interest in encouraging bilateral exchange in this area.

At the Russian terminal, Padrón highlighted that tourists traveling to the South American country «will be our ambassadors as they realize the great kindness and beauty Venezuela offers […] A beautiful, megadiverse and mutlidestination country. »

Tourism and commercial expansion

In that same vein, Venezuela’s Foreign Vice-minister for Europe, Yván Gil, pointed out that this flight was not only a historical milestone in aviation, but also the embodiment of a wish Russia, Venezuela and their peoples had: «the connection between two regions through the Simón Bolívar and the Moscow-Vnukovo International Airports. »

Likewise, Gil explained this route will be operated with one flight every two weeks in a first phase, to later  increase the frequency to three flights per week to expand tourism, trade and bilateral political activities.

Also, Venezuela’s foreign vice-minister for Europe recalled the fraternal ties between Venezuela and Russia were achieved thanks to Commander’s Chávez’s strategic vision, «who started an accelerated process of commercial, technical, political and military exchange that resulted in an intense relation between the two countries. »

First direct flight between Latin America and Russia in the 21st century

The Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Venezuela, Sergey Melik-Bagdasarov, stressed the importance of this flight as it is “the first direct connection in the 21st century between Latin America and the Russian Federation. »

«It’s a very important symbolic event because thanks to these regular Caracas-Moscow-Caracas flights, citizens from Asia, Europe and Latin America can seize this opportunity – in times of pandemic – to travel nonstop and safe with Conviasa. »

Noteworthily, last Friday, Venezuela’s Vice-minister for International Tourism, Leticia Gómez, endorsed a contract as Sales General Agent with Russia’s Rutravel Business in order to promote and offer tourism services between the two nations.