Venezuela, Russia open Caracas-Moscow air route - MPPRE

Venezuela, Russia open Caracas-Moscow air route

As part of the agreements endorsed last February by the Russia-Venezuela Joint Commission, Venezuelan airline Conviasa opened a Caracas-Moscow air route on Friday night  to establish an immediate connection  with three destinations in the Latin American country: Los Roques, Canaima and Margarita.

Venezuela’s Foreign Vice-minister for Europe Yván Gil said this project marks a milestone in the sphere of aviation and tourism as nearly 150 million Russians will have the possibility of traveling to Caracas, South America and the Caribbean.

“We are talking about a platform that also connects us with Eurasia,” stressed Gil.

Conviasa President Ramón Velásquez explained they plan to fly 2,000 passengers per month every two weeks.

“This is the first time a Venezuelan airline covers this route on a regular flight. This is an integration mechanism for the peoples, a new air route we are opening to strengthen fraternal relations,” said Velásquez.

On May 3, the first flight from Moscow arrived in Venezuelan with 90 Russian tour operators to foster business, social and educative exchange between the two countries.