Venezuela and Tunisia exchange experiences on advances in the defense of women's rights - MPPRE

Venezuela and Tunisia exchange experiences on advances in the defense of women’s rights

The People’s Power Minister for Women and Gender Equality, Carolys Pérez, held on Thursday a videoconference with the Minister of Women, the Family and the Elderly of the Tunisian Republic, Imen Zahouani Houimel, to exchange experiences on the development and empowerment of women, in addition to strengthening bilateral cooperation ties in this area.

At the meeting, the Venezuelan minister acknowledged her counterpart from Tunisia for the advancement in the struggles for women’s rights in the African nation and urged her to work “hand in hand in the positions that at the international level facilitate the full exercise of women’s rights.”

She assured that in Venezuela, since the arrival of the Bolivarian Revolution led by Commander Hugo Chávez, women have been at the forefront and great steps have been taken to recognize the exercise of gender in the construction of socialist society.

Finally, the Venezuelan minister invited her Tunisian counterpart to continue holding these videoconferences and to promote joint training projects to “make visible the struggle of the women people.”

The meeting counted with the participation of the Venezuelan Ambassador in Tunisia, Carlos Feo Acevedo, and in this way Venezuela consolidates its relations with the countries of the south, as part of the strategy for the construction of a multipolar, multicenter world with fair and supportive relations.