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Venezuela, Russia discuss multilateral cooperation issues

In order to review the multilateral cooperation agenda between the Venezuelan and Russian governments, the Vice-minister for Multilateral Affairs Daniela Rodríguez, in the company of the Vice-minister for Europe Yván Gil, held a meeting on Monday with the Ambassador of the Russian Federation to the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela Sergey Melik-Bagdasarov.

At the meeting held at the headquarters of the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry, the diplomats discussed and exchanged information about the work carried out by the Venezuelan diplomatic missions in the multilateral area, including the 2021 working agenda.

The Venezuelan and Russian authorities also talked about their shared strategic vision to defend multilateralism, the UN Charter, the fight against unilateral coercive measures, disarmament, non-proliferation of weapons, and multipolarity.

Currently, Venezuela and Russia share agreements in areas such as energy, transport, mining, agriculture, health, education and the pharmaceutical industry.

Furthermore, Russia has become one of Venezuela’s main allies, rejecting any foreign meddling in the domestic affairs of the Bolivarian nation.