Venezuela allocates $200 million for Sputnik-V vaccine - MPPRE

Venezuela allocates $200 million for Sputnik-V vaccine

Venezuela has invested $ 200 million for the Sputnik-V vaccines against COVID-19, whose first 100,00 doses will be given to prioritized sectors starting on Thursday, February 18.

President Nicolás Maduro explained the 10 million Sputnik-V vaccines should arrive progressively in this four-month period.

The Venezuelan president said he estimates negotiations for the release of $300 million, held by the Bank of England, reach a favorable conclusion to speed up the acquisition of new vaccines for the population.

“This negotiation is taking place. We provided everything we have to provide, and we are waiting for the release of those $300 million,” he explained in a press conference.

President Maduro said that the COVAX program, promoted by the World Health Organization (WHO), and other vaccines developed by Russia, China and Cuba, “will enable us to move forward with the protection of our people.”