Venezuela and China promote work route on culture and tourism agreed at CMAN - MPPRE

Venezuela and China promote work route on culture and tourism agreed at CMAN

The ambassador of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in the People’s Republic of China, Félix Plasencia, chaired a working meeting last Friday with the Minister of Culture and Tourism of this Asian nation, Hu Heping, in which they reviewed the responsibilities of the cultural subcommittee and tourism from the Technical Secretariat of the Venezuela-China High Level Mixed Commission (CMAN).

At the meeting, the Venezuelan Ambassador highlighted the strategic importance of both nations in these matters, “in order to strengthen cultural and tourist ties between China and Venezuela, within the framework of friendship between our peoples and our Comprehensive Strategic Association.”

Along the same lines, Minister Heping pointed out that China and Venezuela are integral strategic partners and that they maintain a deep friendship.

“In recent years, cultural and tourism cooperation between China and Venezuela has developed smoothly, which has played a positive role in deepening traditional friendship and mutual trust”, said the Chinese representative during the meeting.

Cooperation ties between China and Venezuela

The government of China has made known its willingness to join Venezuela to promote pragmatic cooperation in the field of culture and tourism, so that both peoples can enjoy more cultural and tourist products of a high-quality, benefit economic development and helping people connection.

In recent years, Venezuela and China have actively developed cooperation in various fields, among which culture and tourism are key to promoting the development of bilateral relations.

On this point, Ambassador Plasencia added that:

“as President Nicolás Maduro has stated, Venezuela attaches great importance to the development of cultural and tourism cooperation with China and is willing to deepen practical cooperation with China to promote the comprehensive strategic partnership between Venezuela and China to a new level.”