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Samuel Robinson Institute presents conference ‘The limits of empire in the Biden era’

The Samuel Robinson Institute for Original Thought this Friday presented the videoconference The limits of empire in the Biden era, within the framework of the recent election of US President Joe Biden and the evident social and political crisis that the United States is going through.

The presentations were given by the Mexican sociologist and politician, Gerardo Fernández Noroña, and the Venezuelan analyst of the digital portal Misión Verdad and researcher at the Samuel Robinson Institute, Diego Sequera, as well as the Vice-minister for North America of the of People’s Power Ministry for Foreign Relations and also president of the Simón Bolívar Institute for Peace and Solidarity among Peoples and a researcher at the Samuel Robinson Institute, Carlos Ron.

Crisis in the US with a reserved forecast

The intervention of the Mexican deputy Gerardo Fernández Noroña began around the historical relationship between Mexico and the United States, and the multiple scenarios that have arisen after the last presidential elections of the White House.

Fernández Noroña criticized how anachronistic US democracy has turned out to be and the “media coup” that the private sector has given by canceling the Twitter and Facebook accounts of outgoing President Donald Trump.

The “New Deal” and Biden’s Democratic Liberalism

During his presentation, Sequera succinctly outlined what imperial politics has been since its inception, the Donald Trump cycle and the evolution of Joe Biden -who began his career under the spirit of the ‘New Deal’ and Democratic liberalism- and his role as a senator in the last four decades.

He also reflected on the application – by both Democrats and Republicans – of the project called ‘Transition Integrity Project’, composed, among others, by John Podesta – former Chief of Staff of the White House-, which conceived a kind of war games in electoral settings.

For his part, the vice minister for North America and president of the ISB warned that the Biden government will initiate a new Cold War scenario against China to maintain its dominance over world economic and technological development.

He pointed out that another of the “concerns” of the new administration, in addition to solving its internal problems, would be the negotiation with Iran where Venezuela could be “splashed”.

Regarding that, he specified that it was the duty of Venezuela “to advance our regionalism, strengthen Celac, Unasur, ALBA and not lose sight of the construction of our spaces.”