Venezuela denounces new mercenary and terrorist aggression organized from Colombia and planned by US agents - MPPRE

Venezuela denounces new mercenary and terrorist aggression organized from Colombia and planned by US agents

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela denounces to the international community new mercenary and terrorist aggression, organized from the territory of the Republic of Colombia and planned by agents from the United States, against peace, democracy and the sovereignty of Venezuela.

In the early morning of May 3rd, the Bolivarian National Armend Force (FANB) thwarted an attempt by mercenary groups to land on the coast of the State of La Guaira, who intended to carry out terrorist actions against authorities of the Venezuelan State and against the peace of the Republic.

In the failed operation, several terrorists were taken down and others were apprehended, and a large consignment of weapons, vehicles and war material was also seized. One of those captured confessed to being a veteran agent of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) of the United States. In the afternoon, Venezuelan military deserters and a former member of the special forces of the American Army, assumed responsibility for this failed operation and confirmed that it was planned and organized in the territory of the Republic of Colombia and that the armed vessels set sail from the territory of that country.

This new attack adds to the escalation of aggressive actions and provocations organized by the United States against Venezuela, such as the unjustified and immense military deployment in the Southern Command in the waters of the Caribbean Sea; the recurrent attempt to involve Venezuela in drug trafficking activities through unfounded accusations; the severe aggression by the Portuguese flag ship “Resolute” against a Venezuelan navy vessel and its subsequent scape into jurisdictional waters of NATO member countries in the Caribbean, to all this adds the constant wave of hostile statements by high American officials, such as Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo and Special Envoy, Elliot Abrams, who boast of announcing an imminent collapse in Venezuela.

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela holds the governments of Donald Trump and Iván Duque responsible for the unpredictable and dangerous consequences of this wave of provocations and mercenary aggressions against the Venezuelan people, and ratifies its unwavering decision to defend the territory, sovereignty, democracy and peace of the Venezuelan people.

Likewise, Venezuela aletrs the Secretary General and the Security Council and other bodied of the United Nations to this escalation, which in addition of being a violation of Human Rights Council Resolution 42/9 and United Nations General Assembly Resolution 74/138 against the use of mercenaries as a means of violating human rights and impending the exercise of the right of the peoples to self-determination, takes place in the midst of a global pandemic, disregarding the call of the Secretary General for a cessation of hostilities in the world

Caracas, May 4, 2020