Venezuela rejects Donald Trump interference expressions in speech before the US Congress - MPPRE

Venezuela rejects Donald Trump interference expressions in speech before the US Congress

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela strongly rejects and complies with denouncing before the international community, the intrusive expressions and the rude interferences in its internal affairs made by Donald Trump during his annual address before the US Congress. In an agonizing effort to revive the already unsuccessful strategy of government change by force, attached to a premeditated non-surprising script, amid a quasi-circus pre-election show and making use of a speech full of lies, chauvinism and supremacist statements, Trump offends and disrespects the Venezuelan people, by launching violent threats against its integrity and against the Constitutional, democratic and legitimate Government of President Nicolás Maduro Moros. The American head of state, in his delirious and arrogant speech, in which he seemed to resurrect the already obsolete manifest destiny, reiterated his contempt for peace, for international law, for life and in particular for the sovereignty of Venezuela, counting on the shameful complicity of those who are dedicated to betray the Homeland, in exchange for the humiliating crumbs that he throws at them, depending on his mood, his Boss, Mr. Trump. Quoting the Liberator Simón Bolívar, “The Venezuelan people will never allow the United States to plague our continent (Our America) with misery, in the name of a false freedom”. Venezuela has demonstrated this by far, not giving an inch of ground before blackmail, threat and interference, promoted, not by a head of state, but by a superb charlatan who fancies himself as an emperor, who intends to dominate his country and the entire world through deception, extortion, ignorance and force. Venezuela is and will be irrevocably free and independent. Only the Venezuelan people determines and will determine its present and its victorious, sovereign and socialist future.

Caracas, February 05th  2020