Venezuela condemns the new violent actions committed by Israel against the Palestinian people - MPPRE

Venezuela condemns the new violent actions committed by Israel against the Palestinian people

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela expresses its most firm condemnation of the new violent and unjustifiable actions committed against the brotherly Palestinian people by the State of Israel, which include the application of forced displacements of legitimate inhabitants of the Sheikh Jarrah community, as well as the ihumane execution of indiscriminate bombings against the civilian population. These events constitute a severe violation of the human rights of the Palestinian population and have increased precisely during the Holy Month of Ramadan.

Venezuela reaffirms its historical and principled position in defense of the sovereignty, independence and self-determination of the Palestinian people, while expressing its support for the government of the Palestinian National Authority and its solidarity with the victims and their loved ones, following the cruel attacks carried out by the military and police forces of Israel, which have taken the lives of innocent civilians, including those of several minors. Only dialogue between the Parties, based on respect of the resolutions of the United Nations, can lead to a negotiated solution as the only way to peace and stability in the region.

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, always in strict adherence to international law, calls on the international community to take joint action in view of the severity of the events unfolding in East Jerusalem. The world must demand an end to this new phase of Zionist violence against the Palestinian people, as well as the commitment of the actors on the ground to a cessation of hostilities, the protection of humans rights and the guarantee of the inviolavility of the holy places sacred to the Muslim and Christian communities.

Caracas, May 10th, 2021