Bolivarian Government reiterates that Venezuela is a free and sovereign country that does not accept the tutelage of foreign governments - MPPRE

Bolivarian Government reiterates that Venezuela is a free and sovereign country that does not accept the tutelage of foreign governments

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela has learned through the media about the presentation of a so-called “Democratic Transition Framework” by the U.S. Department of State today. On this regard, the Bolivarian Government reiterates that Venezuela is free, sovereign, independent and democratic country that does not accept, nor will it ever accept, any tutelage from any foreign government. The United States policy towards Venezuela has completely lost its direction. In one week it has digressed between constant contradictions: it transits from the extorsion and threat to Bolivarian Government officials, including rewards for their capture; to the presentation of an eyesore of an agreement for the installation of an unconstitutional so-called transition government, disregarding the democratic will expressed by the Venezuelan people at the polls. The U.S. pseudo-proposal confirms that the officials of that country completely ignore Venezuela’s legal framework and how its institutions work. It calls the attention, however, that they do include the curious decision of pulling back the chair from the deputy who is the illegally self-proclaimed interim President, who was chosen by them in 2019 as the spearhead of their coup-mongering strategy and that toed the line to fulfill the orders dictated from Washington, through the paths of violence and persistent conspiracy. The Trump Administration’s actions during recent days against Venezuela cannot be labeled in any other way: they are miserable. Attempting to geopolitically profit in the midst of the most dreadful world pandemic, can only come from the misery of people without the least social sensibility or concern, even more if it is considered that the people of the United States are some of the most affected in the world, before the resounding failure of that country’s health system and the erratic, improvised, and erratic handling of the pandemic by its rulers. It is precisely the Trump Administration the one that needs to step aside, lifting the unilateral coercive measures that even its own legislators recognize prevent Venezuela, in practice, from acquiring humanitarian goods to confront Covid-19. It is already time for them to abandon their failed strategy of a forceful change of government, that the cease in their continued and obsessive aggression, and that they concentrate on their serious internal affairs. Neither the threats, nor the extorsion strategies, nor the pretension of imposing false agreements, will achieve the distraction of the attention and the energy of President Nicolas Maduro, his Government, the Bolivarian National Armed Force, and the Venezuelan State as a whole, from the protection of the Venezuelan people in moments so difficult for humanity. Venezuela will remain unscathed before any aggression and united in the defense of its sovereignty and independence.

Caracas, March 31, 2020