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Venezuela and Iran strengthen ties of friendship at the UN

The Venezuelan Head of State and Government, Nicolás Maduro Moros, met on Wednesday with his Iranian counterpart Hasan Rouhaní, before his speech at the seventy-third session of the UN General Assembly. Among the issues addressed by the presidents are: oil, geopolitics and cooperation between both nations, which constitutes the consolidation of the strategic alliances maintained by both nations.

“We must understand that the Homeland is our best home”

This Thursday, the radio program “Human Rights in Revolution”, conducted by Larry Davoe, through Radio Miraflores 95.9 FM, was attended by Eulalia Tabares, Director of Consular Relations of the Ministry of Popular Power for Foreign Affairs (Mppre), who spoke extensively about the 89 compatriots who returned to Venezuelan land after having gone through all kinds of harassment in Peru.

In this sense, Tabares reported that in April there was already a spontaneous approach on the part of Venezuelans to the Venezuelan Consulate in Peru.

“There were around 40 people who voluntarily requested their repatriation.” In the same way Tabares said that among the Venezuelans who returned, there are elderly people and entire families who left everything to go after that dream or that mirage.

One of the topics addressed in this interview was the importance of reflecting on the psychological consequences of the treatment that these Venezuelans received in the Inca nation.

For example, there are “two cases of mental illness, which were just detonated by the depression that generates them being alone there, without help, exploited, without conditions, without whom offered them a helping hand,” said the Director of Consular Relations.

The official also explained that among the 89 nationals who returned to the country, there were 26 boys and girls who during their stay in Peru received a treatment of xenophobic character in the schools, where they studied.

Tabares stressed that “we, the Revolution, respect human mobility as a fundamental right, but this must be exercised responsibly, it must be exercised with knowledge”.

In this order of ideas, said that from the state agencies are working so that when they decide to emigrate they can do so in the safest way possible.

“The message is for those who are thinking about emigrating, we must understand that the Homeland is our best home,” concluded Eulalia Tabares.

It is worth to say that the Return to the Homeland Plan gave its first fruits on Monday, August 27, when the Bolivarian Government contributed to the voluntary return of 89 Venezuelans from Peru who had crossed our borders in response to false promises, lies from the centers of power and the media war against our country.

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