Venezuela rejects unfriendly statements by the High Representative of the European Union

The Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela strongly rejects the unacceptable and tendentious statements against the democratic institutions of Venezuela by the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Federica Mogherini.

Her statements represent an arrogant act of interference that calls into question the European Union’s purported interest in promoting cordial relations with Venezuela. The High Representative of the European Union has shown the intention of the EU to encourage, under the aegis of the warmongering government of the White House, the breakdown of social stability in Venezuela.

Subordinating herself to the US strategy of discredit and defamation against the Bolivarian Revolution, the European Union, dodging the multiple violations of human dignity that are committed daily within its territory, intends to teach us lessons on Human Rights, and particularly on issues such as migration, where they have been reproved and questioned by the international community.

In this regard, the High Representative of the European Union forgets that the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela has a long and successful record in terms of treatment and attention to migrants, since Venezuela is a country that has given shelter to more than six million Colombian refugees who have arrived to our territory fleeing from the civil war in Colombia. The European Union is also ignoring the fact that the Venezuelan authorities have never made of the attention to the migrant an economic business as the government of the neighboring country intends to do.

The Venezuelan State assures the security, welfare and full enjoyment of all their rights to the people of Venezuela, despite the economic blockade and “diplomatic terrorism” orchestrated by the United States government and its neo-colonies in America. In this regard, the Bolivarian Government regrets that the European Union also subordinates itself to this hostile strategy against a democracy validated by the people that will never surrender to the aegis of any foreign authority.

Finally, the Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela urges the bureaucratic authorities of the European Union to fully and transparently fulfill their roles as facilitators of the political dialogue between the EU Member States and Venezuela; and it also urges them to abandon their interventionist, offensive and biased positions in favor of an undemocratic political tendency that has caused so much damage to the Venezuelan people in recent years, and that seeks international support by offering the immense wealth of the Venezuelan people as a guarantee, in the face of an eventual and abrupt disruption of the constitutional order in Venezuela which is promoted from abroad.

Caracas, October 26th, 2018

Venezuela rejects unfriendly statements by the High Representative of the European Union

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