Venezuela rejects the decision of the British court of first instance to strip it of its international gold reserves

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela firmly rejects the unusual and absurd decision of an English Court of First Instance that seeks to strip Venezuela from its gold and violates its right to use it, unequivocal property of the Venezuelan people.

This decision is supported by the mind-boggling self-proclamation of a Venezuela´s National Assembly representative as the alleged interim President of Venezuela, leader of an international criminal organization to illegally seize the resources of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, whose strategy is, among other things, to rob the Gold from Venezuela’s international reserves at the Bank of England, in complicity with the United States government.

President Nicolas Maduro, in full exercise of his powers as Head of State and Government, has requested that the Venezuelan justice institutions initiate the procedures that may be in place to punish those who participate in the theft of Venezuelan gold and that justice be serve.

The Central Bank of Venezuela will immediately appeal this absurd and erroneous decision, which constitutes an act of piracy that violates the right to health and life of the Venezuelan people, by stripping them from the gold necessary to combat one of the worst pandemics that has hit humanity, thus prompting the extermination against the Venezuelan population.

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela will denounce before all the international bodies this blatant violation against the integrity of the Venezuelan people and against the legitimate resources of Venezuela, whose unequivocal owner is its people. Venezuela will continue to wedge the appropriate judicial battle and expects equity and justice, based on a solid and deep analysis of international, Venezuelan and English laws, instead of accepting the use of trickster arguments without any basis on reality.

Caracas, July 02, 2020

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