Venezuela commemorates the birth of Mahatma Gandhi with the people of India

The People and Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, full of affection and fraternity towards the Indian People, join the joyful celebration of the 149th Anniversary of the Father of the sister Republic of India, in commemoration of October 2nd, 1869, Mahatma “Great Soul” Gandhi’s birthday and non-violence International Day, honoring his non-violent fight for India’s emancipation worldwide against the brutal oppression by the British colonialists.

In this memorable day for the peoples that work for independence, justice and peace, Venezuela is present hoisting Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi’s flags, who with courage and wisdom, led the glorious Indian People and defeated the colonialist troops and their mercenaries, to begin a new time in India’s history and assume the mammoth task of developing the enormous national potential with sovereignty and social justice.

India conquered its Independence defeating the English Colonialism military dominance, with the tireless strength of the Indian People awareness, moral and unity.

Ghandi leads the path of Peace, Sovereignty and Social Justice towards a bright horizon for humanity.

It is the path that India and Venezuela are following today, strengthening their fraternal and friendly bilateral relations, to continue their peoples Independence and welfare route, honoring the legacy of our liberators.

With greater love and admiration for India, the Venezuelan People reaffirms its resolute spirit of cooperation and complementarity to continue building a balanced, multicenter and pluripolar world of Peace and joint Development.

Caracas, October 2nd, 2018

Venezuela commemorates the birth of Mahatma Gandhi with the people of India


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