Presidents of Venezuela and South Africa exchange strategies on containment of Covid-19

The People’s Power Ministry for Foreign Relations reports that this morning, the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro Moros, held a telephone conversation with the President of the Republic of South Africa and President Pro Tempore of the African Union, Cyril Ramaphosa, in which they shared an analysis of the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic and the measures implemented in both countries to contain the virus. Likewise, the opportunity was propitious to review different issues of bilateral and multilateral cooperation.

President Maduro congratulated the South African People on the celebration of the 26th anniversary of Freedom Day, when the first free elections were held on this day in 1994, resulting in the election of the Great Madiba, Nelson Mandela, which marked the end of the inhumane apartheid regime. The President of Venezuela assured to President Ramaphosa that the struggle of Nelson Mandela and the peoples of Africa for equality and against discrimination has also been, is and will always be the struggle of the Venezuelan people and of all the revolutionaries of the world.

The heads of state exchanged views regarding policies for the containment of the coronavirus. Both leaders have been personally at the forefront of the policies and decisions taken during the emergency. Upon learning the results, President Ramaphosa expressed great interest in learning in depth about the strategy that has been developed in Venezuela to confront the pandemic. In this regard, the Presidents agreed to establish immediate contacts between their Ministers of Health and scientific teams through upcoming videoconferences, guaranteeing the permanence of the relationship and exchanges between experts.

The leaders agreed to further consolidate coordination between both governments in all multilateral forums, especially in the United Nations. President Ramaphosa assured that he will continue to act under the principles of International Law and the UN Charter, by ratifying that his country will continue to defend sovereignty and
political dialogue in Venezuela within the UN Security Council, certain that Venezuelans will find ways for the consolidation of peace and stability.

Regarding bilateral relations and joint projects, both Presidents agreed on the revolutionary friendship that unites both peoples and agreed to give continuity to the agreements reached at the South African-Venezuela Binational Business Forum of January 2020, as well as the need to organize a next meeting between both leaders, to deepen and further expand relations between both peoples.

Finally, President Maduro congratulated the outstanding coordination work that President Ramaphosa has carried out since the Pro Tempore Presidency of the African Union in such complex world circumstances, and conveyed his greeting and solidarity to all the peoples and governments of Mother Africa, recalling the need to strengthen ties and cooperation between both regions, especially between the African continent and South America.

Caracas, April 27th, 2020

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