President Nicolás Maduro expresses his condolences to the Nicaraguan people for the death of Commander Jacinto Suarez

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro Moros, on behalf of the People and Government of Venezuela, extends his most heartfelt condolences to the People and Government of Nicaragua, for the passage to immortality of the very dear, tireless, courageous and consistent, Comrade Jacinto Suarez Espinoza, Secretary of International Relations of the Sandinista National Liberation Front and Deputy to the Nicaraguan National Assembly.

Comrade Jacinto never hesitated to offer, even his own life, for the justice and dignity of his people. He shared with Commander Daniel Ortega more than seven years in the prisons of the Somoza dictatorship, and was an essential part of the heroic struggle of the Sandinista militancy, which got, on that heroic July 19, the triumph of so many wills, to conquer Freedom, the true Social Democracy, and the construction of a more sovereign, just and humane Homeland.

From the Bolivarian Venezuela, which also knows about struggles and honor, we want to honor our Comrade Jacinto, his historic Sandinista militancy, and the greatest attribute of his political legacy: Absolute Loyalty to his people and his convictions. We endorse the words of Commander Tomas Borge, in his tribute to Commander Carlos Fonseca Amador: Jacinto, you are one of the dead, who never dies!

Let us continue with the conviction of advancing towards in the project of the Great Latin American Homeland, which united Bolívar, Sandino and Chávez, in this common struggle.

¡Long live Nicaragua, blessed and always free!

¡Long live the Great Homeland of Our America!

Caracas, April 2, 2020

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