Government of Venezuela expresses its repudiation against actions of judicial persecution in Ecuador

The Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela expresses its absolute repudiation of the actions of judicial persecution carried out in the Republic of Ecuador against political and social leaders, as a clear strategy of criminalization of dissent, bringing politics into the judicial domain and the violation of human rights in that brother country. 

It seems unacceptable that in the midst of a process of dialogue resulting from popular pressure, and after the bloody balance of the official repression that produced 8 deaths and more than 1,300 wounded, the government of Lenin Moreno discharges its frustration by indiscriminately imprisoning social and political leaders, including elected officials, without respecting due process and human dignity, with the clear intention of diverting attention from the resounding defeat of the International Monetary Fund’s imposition of economic prescriptions by the Ecuadorian people in the streets.

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, sister nation of Ecuador, daughter of the same libertarian swords of Bolivar and Sucre, will continue to denounce these anti-democratic actions and calls on the international community, especially multilateral organizations, to ensure the defense and guarantee of the human and political rights of the noble Ecuadorian people, a people inherited from the struggles of Manuela Saenz and Eloy Alfaro.

                                                                    Caracas, October 15th, 2019

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