United Left Movement rejects new aggression by North American imperialism against the land of Bolívar

The political organization of the Dominican Republic, Movimiento Izquierda Unida (MIU), which along the Dominican people, has suffered in their own flesh the betrayals, attacks and foreign invasions, paying a high cost for their freedom, independence, democracy and sovereignty, issued a statement in rejection of the new aggression of North American imperialism against the land of Bolívar.

Norwegian Communist Party expresses its solidarity with the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

The Norwegian Communist Party (NKP) strongly condemns the new aggressive act, which US imperialism and right-wing extremists in Venezuela carried out on Sunday, May 3, against Venezuela. A group of mercenaries attempted to infiltrate the territory of Venezuela through the coast of the state of La Guaira. These were neutralized by the local Venezuelan militia and the State security forces.

Communist Party of Chile denounces foreign interference in attack against Venezuelan sovereignty

In relation to the recent attempted incursion into Venezuela, the Communist Party of Chile, through a statement, said that

“the responsibility of the Colombian government in this attack cannot be forgotten, as well as that of the United States and its Allied governments of Europe and Latin America. We denounce that responsibility and strongly condemn it. We do not believe the denials of neither of them”.

Palestinian Foundation Lady of the Earth condemns imperial interventions against Venezuela

Through a letter of condemnation sent to the Embassy of Venezuela in the State of Palestine; the Fundación Lady of the Earth expresses its firm and continuous solidarity with the Venezuelan people and government, and the Socialist Party PSUV, in the face of flagrant interventions by US imperialism, which include the use of a group of mercenaries and terrorists in repeated attempts at coups d’état.

Revolutionary and Progressive Forces of the Dominican Republic condemn mercenary aggression against Venezuela

Through a statement, the Revolutionary and Progressive Forces of the Dominican Republic denounced the onslaught that occurred in the early hours of last Sunday, May 3, by the United States and the Colombian government against the sovereignty of Venezuela to overthrow the legitimate and constitutional government of the President Nicolás Maduro.

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