United Left Movement rejects new aggression by North American imperialism against the land of Bolívar

The political organization of the Dominican Republic, Movimiento Izquierda Unida (MIU), which along the Dominican people, has suffered in their own flesh the betrayals, attacks and foreign invasions, paying a high cost for their freedom, independence, democracy and sovereignty, issued a statement in rejection of the new aggression of North American imperialism against the land of Bolívar.

China congratulates Venezuela on Independence Day

From Beijing, President of the People’s Republic of China Xi Jinping sent a congratulations letter on behalf of the Chinese people and Government on the occasion of the 209th anniversary of the Independence Day of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and 46th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries.

Norwegian Communist Party expresses its solidarity with the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

The Norwegian Communist Party (NKP) strongly condemns the new aggressive act, which US imperialism and right-wing extremists in Venezuela carried out on Sunday, May 3, against Venezuela. A group of mercenaries attempted to infiltrate the territory of Venezuela through the coast of the state of La Guaira. These were neutralized by the local Venezuelan militia and the State security forces.

Nicaragua greets the Venezuelan people on the 209th anniversary of their independence

Managua, July 4, 2020

Constitutional President President
of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela
Brother Nicolás Maduro Moros

Dear Comrade Nicholas,
Dear Companion Cilia,
Brother People of Venezuela:

As the 20th anniversary of the Independence of Venezuela is celebrated, the Nicaraguan People and Government salute the greatness of that brother people, their historic deeds that have taught the American people to fight with dreams on high, not to give up, always set out to forge life and victories.

We live in challenging times for our independence and sovereignty. Today more than ever the heroes, the spiritual masters of our Caribbean America, enlighten and guide us, to keep taking on the daily challenges with the courage that springs from Love, and that animates and encourages our steps as free people, sovereigns and independents, who know how to fight and win.

As a people that wake up every day strengthened in a splendid, miraculous, and marvelous faith; as a people who know how to combat threats with patriotism, work and joy, we feel like brothers on all these paths, and that indisputable fraternity is the unity of our histories, of our principles and values, and our unwavering purposes of a new history for our peoples.

Always beyond, Sandino and the people of Nicaragua said and says… Always beyond, Nicolás. Venezuela heroic, brave, noble, grandiose, exemplary, proudly displays the sublime testimony of life of the liberator, of the eternal commander, and of the infinite capacity of resistance, active, combatant, before the vulgar and desperate desire of the imperialisms, who intend to keep stripping us.

Nicolás, Brother:

We celebrate this 209th anniversary of the glorious independence of Venezuela, sustained with you, companionpresident, with your brave People, in battles and triumphs, in this other victorious Julio. Always together, we win, and we will win!

Daniel Ortega Saavedra Rosario Murillo

Palestinian Foundation Lady of the Earth condemns imperial interventions against Venezuela

Through a letter of condemnation sent to the Embassy of Venezuela in the State of Palestine; the Fundación Lady of the Earth expresses its firm and continuous solidarity with the Venezuelan people and government, and the Socialist Party PSUV, in the face of flagrant interventions by US imperialism, which include the use of a group of mercenaries and terrorists in repeated attempts at coups d’état.

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