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Fundalatin shows raw reality of Venezuelan patients in Italy after US blockade

Through a presentation to the press, the president of the Latin American Foundation for Human Rights and Social Development (Fundalatin), Sister Maria Eugenia Russián, showed the research carried out by the Foundation on the cases of Venezuelan patients who are in Italy and Argentina who benefitted from the PDVSA-Citgo social program, and in the face of the blockade imposed by the US government they have seen how their right to health and the treatment, to which they are subjected to in order to safeguard their lives, is dangerously compromised.

From the UN the General Comptroller denounces illegal confiscation of assets of Venezuela by the US

The General Comptroller of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Elvis Amoroso, denounced on Thursday from the Convention on Anticorruption and Recovery of Assets carried out in Vienna by the United Nations (UN), the modality that some countries like the United States have to appropriate the riches of the people and to commit acts of corruption.

Bolivarian Government thanks Norway for progress made through dialogue with the Venezuelan opposition

The Venezuelan delegation of the Bolivarian Government for the peace dialogue that takes place in Oslo, Norway, headed by the sectoral Vice-president of Communication, Tourism and Culture, Jorge Rodríguez, on Wednesday thanked the government of the European country for the progress made in the process of dialogue with the Venezuelan opposition, after the announcement made by the government of Norway where reiterates its commitment to work for a peaceful solution to the Venezuelan situation.

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