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Malaysia and Venezuela strengthen cooperation in academic matters

As part of his visit to Malaysia, the Deputy Minister for Asia, the Middle East and Oceania, Rubén Darío Molina, toured the National University of Malaysia where held a meeting with Sufian Jusoh, Director of the Center for Western Studies and Andrew Kam Jia Yi , Director of the Center for Latin American Studies as well as professors and researchers specialized in studies of Latin America and the Caribbean.

During the meeting, both parties agreed to strengthen academic relations through the translation and publication of books by renowned Latin American authors, the exchange of students and professors, and even the creation of a Southeast Asian Chair in Venezuela, in response to the Seminar. “Welcome to Venezuela”, which has been held for a year at the main study house in Malaysia.

Relations between Venezuela, the National University of Malaysia and its Center for Latin American Studies go back to the founding of this last one in 2013, with the first edition of the Bolivarian Chair in Malaysia and the presentation of a trio of harp, cuatro and Venezuelan maracas. The embassy and the university are currently preparing the sixth edition of the Bolivarian Chair, the second Latin American Festival and the third cohort of the seminar about Venezuela that is offered as an optional subject to the students of the various undergraduate courses taught at this institution.

Vice Minister Molina highlighted the importance that the Venezuelan government gives to the region, and announced that the next month of October will be held on ASEAN Day (Association of Southeast Asian States), a co-organized activity with the embassies of Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam accredited in Caracas, with the objective of publicizing the wealth and potential of Southeast Asia in Venezuela.

Venezuela condemns interventionist lobby of the so-called “Lima Cartel”

Venezuelan Vice President Delcy Rodriguez, sided by Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza, criticized the media lobby taken by the “Lima Cartel”, which promotes a plan of interference against the bolivarian nation, organized from the US Embassy.

“Today a failed technical meeting took place in Quito between the governments of the Lima Cartel, and they took decisions based on aspects that have nothing to do with the reality of voluntary migratory flow of the Venezuelan people”, Rodriguez stated from a media briefing at the VP office.

In this sense, The high ranking officer also informed that President Nicolas Maduro gave instructions to the Foreign Minister to formally protest, trough diplomatic channels, the realization of the Quito meeting because it’s only effect is to increase xenophobic campaign against Venezuelans living abroad.

Rodríguez pointed out that “every day more Venezuelans are going to our embassies and consulates to ask for their voluntary return, attending the call of President Maduro to come back to the land that saw them being born”, and she gave guarantees that the Venezuelan Govt will stand firm in the defense of every Venezuelan living abroad. “Do not let yourself be a victim of aggression, do not let them break the assurances that assist you,” Rodriguez said.

On the other side, she also reported about a fraternal and cooperative meeting with the UN representative, Jorge Baca, where she requested technical cooperation to preserve the human rights of each migrant abroad, so they can be assisted within the framework of regional and international agreements.

“Jorge Baca has highlighted the generosity of Venezuela, as a country with a high receptive migrant tradition, a generous attention to the migrant people and their integration into the Venezuelan society,” Rodriguez concluded.

Venezuela condemns instrumentalization of the Security Council to intervene in internal affairs of the countries

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela condemned on Wednesday the instrumentalization of the Security Council of the United Nations by some countries under the humanitarian argument, to force the treatment of internal situations of sovereign countries, as is the case of Nicaragua, violating the mandates of this organ.

President Maduro orders to create airlift for migrants who wish to return to the country

During the economic cabinet which took place in the Miraflores Palace, the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro Moros, addressed the issue of Venezuelan migration, specifically on compatriots in Peru, and affirmed the activation of a social plan in the frame of the Plan of Return to the Motherland, an air bridge so that the Venezuelans can return to Venezuela.

Venezuela denounces media campaign to justify international intervention

On the eve of the 73rd session of the General Assembly of the United Nations (UN), which will open on September 18, the Executive Vice President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Delcy Rodríguez, denounced on Monday the media campaign that seeks to justify an international intervention against the South American country, under the pretext of “humanitarian crisis”.

Mnoal highlights the importance of promoting a culture of peace

In the exercise of the Protempore Presidency of the Movement of Non-Aligned Countries (Mnoal), the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela participated this Wednesday in the High Level Forum on the Culture of Peace, held at the General Assembly of the United Nations (UN) , to reaffirm its commitment to all values, attitudes, forms of conduct and ways of life that reject violence and prevent conflicts, combating their causes through dialogue and negotiation among individuals, groups and nations.

Ambassador Moncada denounces threats against President Maduro and warmongering plans among Latin Americans

Monday, the permanent representative of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to the United Nations, Samuel Moncada, reported in an exclusive interview with Telesur, threats against the physical integrity of President Nicolas Maduro and the warmongers US plans to pretend create a fictitious war in the region by manipulating their governments.

Bolivarian Diplomacy analyzes scenario of intervention in Venezuela and situation of migrants

An in-depth analysis of the international media campaign against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and the twisted situation of Venezuelan migrants was made on Monday in the Bolivarian Diplomacy program, led by the Vice Minister of International Communication of the Ministry of Popular Power for Foreign Affairs, William Castillo, through the National Radio of Venezuela signal and the social networks of the Foreign Ministry.

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