Social movements and political parties in Brazil recall assault on the Venezuelan Embassy

Social movements and political parties of the Federative Republic of Brazil commemorated this Friday the “Day of the sovereignty of Venezuela”, outside the Venezuelan Embassy located in Brasilia.

The social organizations, deputies and other people who participated that day recalled the events of November 13, 2019, when violent groups affected by the Venezuelan political opposition, forcibly invaded the headquarters of the diplomatic mission in Brasilia, given the passive attitude of the President Jair Bolsonaro and the Brazilian police authorities, and in disregard of international law.

The Federal deputy for the Workers’ Party (PT), Érika Kokay, reported that that day the social movements not only approached to defend the diplomatic precinct, but also to defend the principles of the Venezuelan people, their independence, their sovereignty and self determination; “Brazilians knew the importance of democracy and maintaining the air of freedom.”

Along the same lines, the Federal deputy for the Workers’ Party (PT), Paulo Pimenta, commented that the date will be recorded in history as an example of courage, determination and daring of those who decided to resist and not allow that aggression; “We managed to expel them from the interior of the Embassy, ​​return it to the Venezuelan people and the Bolivarian Government.”

During the activity, Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza -through a telephone contact- greeted the social movements and political parties gathered on the outskirts of the Venezuelan diplomatic mission and expressed his gratitude for the support and solidarity to those who a year ago confronted with courage and bravery the fascist attack that tried to take the headquarters of the Venezuelan Embassy in Brazil.

He pointed out that the assault on the diplomatic headquarters was a turning point and a climax in the aggression against Venezuela; “Guaidó and the fascist right have been in decline, they have been losing strength and today they represent absolutely nothing, not even for the media”, he said.

Similarly, he extended his congratulations to the diplomatic mission team, “who gave a show of conscience, patience and what must be done to ensure that the imperialists leave and never return.”

At the end of the call, the Foreign Minister expressed the hope for the arrival of a progressive government of the left, with which better relations and the union of our America, South America, Unasur, and of the Celac can be established. He emphasized that “Bolsonaro will be a bad memory in the democratic history of Brazil.”

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