Vice-minister Tania Masea holds virtual meeting with International Solar Alliance

Vice-minister of New Sources and the Rational Use of Electric Energy, Tania Masea, held a meeting via video conference with the International Solar Alliance (ISA), to present clean energy development projects in Venezuela and find alternatives to the hydrocarbon supply network.

By boosting clean energy in the country, the Bolivarian Government reaffirms its commitment to the fifth goal of the 2019-2025 Homeland Plan, to the preservation of life on the planet and the survival of the human species.

Likewise, efforts have been made to boost specific technical assistance programs, including support for the implementation of a solar energy teaching center, feasibility studies for a lead-acid and lithium battery factory, and strengthening solar energy technical capacity for the electric power sector.

Furthermore, Vice-minister Masea pointed out that “the Bolivarian Government of Venezuela recognizes the International Solar Alliance as the competent body in the solar energy field, which must be exclusively based on technical, objective considerations contributing to the greatest causes of humanity such as peace, democratization of technologies and the right to development.”

“Venezuela is offering to host a Regional Technical Office of the International Solar Alliance for Latin America and the Caribbean,” stressed Masea.

Finally, the Venezuelan vice-minister said that the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela reaffirms its commitment to peace and reiterates the inalienable right of developing countries to deepen efforts to strengthen their technological platform and knowledge, thus allowing for the incorporation of solar energy into their development plans to guarantee their peoples’ wellbeing.

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