Electoral Council starts audit of voting machines’ software

From October 12 to 23, the voting machines’ software will be audited as established by the Electoral Schedule for the December 6 parliamentary elections.

This audit, part of the 16 audits of Venezuela’s electoral process, aims to check the hardware, software and data of the voting machines, in addition to a review of the source code and tests to prove the machines’ proper functioning.

The elements subject to audits include the secrecy of the vote, the biometric authentication process for each voter, the integrity of the protection of information, the encryption of files via passwords, divided up between the participating political parties and the National Electoral Council (CNE), and an exhaustive review of the voting machines’ components.

This audit will also check the software’s source code of the voting machine, its hardware, tests in controlled environments and the generation of Hash for each application and source code.

Novel Audit System

Following the biosanitary protocols to prevent COVID-19, the National Electoral Council (CNE) has designed and innovative system via video conference to facilitate the participation of domestic and international electoral experts in all the audits of the electoral process. Political parties will rely on the participation of their electoral technicians on site.

Via Zoom, they will rely on different video conference rooms for each technical audit. Login details will be sent in advance to each participant accredited to the Electoral Power.

Likewise, the CNE has provided all the necessary technical tools for the optimal performance of each audit, and for domestic and international participants to witness in real time the electoral process, thus strengthening the trust in the Venezuelan automated electoral system, one of the most state-of-the-art systems in Latin America and the world.

Domestic and International Experts

This audit relies on the participation of technical experts appointed by different political organizations.

Likewise, the Latin American Council on Electoral Experts (CEELA), and technical experts from Turkey, Argentina, Russia and South Africa are participating in this process.

Venezuela is moving forward with the renewal of its National Assembly (Parliament), and the CNE guarantees the compliance with the Electoral Schedule by sticking to its principles: democracy, reliability, transparency, promptitude and efficiency.

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