Bolivarian University of Venezuela, University of Namibia promote cooperation agreements

President of the Bolivarian University of Venezuela (UBV), Sandra Oblitas, held a meeting via video conference on Wednesday with Professor Kenneth Matengu, vice-president of the University of Namibia (UNAM), to promote cooperation agreements and strengthen South-South integration and cooperation processes, a fundamental principle of the Bolivarian Diplomacy of Peace.

The two universities reviewed their history and experience, and Venezuela highlighted the legal foundations, fundamental principles, educational areas of training and structures developed in 17 years after the creation of the UBV.

UNAM’s Vice-president Matengu said they have around 200 international cooperation agreements with African, European, Latin American and Caribbean countries such as the United States, Canada, Finland, Grenada and Cuba, and stressed that this cooperation is mainly based on the exchange of  teaching staff and students, researches and programs aimed at sustainable development, community projects, and other areas.

Likewise, Matengu highlighted Namibia’s capacity in areas such as ecology, mining, public health, distance and community education. Also, he stressed 67% of students at UNAM are women.

The UBV and the UNAM underscored the cooperation spirit of Venezuela and Namibia, where solidarity and horizontality will be reflected on the joint projects to exchange professors, researchers and students, boosting Namibia’s fields of study such as ecology, mining and foreign languages, as well as cooperation with the Rosa Luxembourg Teaching Center, and strengthening Venezuela’s foreign language and indigenous language teaching.

The university authorities predicted the soon endorsement of a cooperation agreement to seal and honor the existing ties between Simón Bolívar’s and Sam Nujoma’s homelands.

The Venezuelan representation included staff of the Ministry of People’s Power for University Education and the Office of the Vice-minister for Africa of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

Venezuela’s Ambassador to Namibia, Omar Berroterán, coordinated this important virtual meeting on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of bilateral relations between the two countries.

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