Venezuela demands respect from the UN for its sovereignty and self-determination

Faced with the frank violation of International Law by the United States by illegally imposing new unilateral coercive measures against the Venezuelan democratic institutions, specifically the Electoral Power, to try to interfere in the parliamentary elections to be held on December 6, the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro Moros, demanded respect for the sovereignty and self-determination of the people of Venezuela.

During his speech before the 75th General Assembly of the United Nations (UN), the South American President reiterated the need to vindicate the principles expressed in the Charter of the United Nations, “whose illegal violation by some Member States of This Organization intends to lead Venezuela to violence and conflict. We will not allow it. We demand respect.”

He also stressed that there are all the necessary guarantees to hold the parliamentary elections and for this Venezuela has invited the world to witness a living democracy.

Along these lines, President Maduro asserted that Venezuela’s path is peace, democracy, freedom, vote, participation and the leadership of the people. “So it has been and it will be.”

National reconciliation

For the sake of reconciliation and abiding by the agreements reached in the National Dialogue Table, in which various political forces that make life in the country participate, in September 2019, a set of benefit measures have been taken with the aim of providing greater guarantees for democracy in Venezuela.

This is how recently the Head of State and Government granted a presidential pardon to 110 citizens, belonging to right-wing opposition groups, prosecuted for various crimes related to crimes of aggression against the nation.

With this decision, the Bolivarian Government continues to build the path towards national reconciliation, “understanding that peace deserves all our efforts. And we will not cease, in our endeavor in this hard task (…) Here is Venezuela standing, with its historical dignity, in peace, ready for new challenges, ready for new victories”, said the President.

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